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Cabbage & Shrimp Salad with Miso Dressing

Ok, I know you might look at this recipe and say, "Shit, that's a lot of ingredients!" and feel discouraged from making it, but please, please, please, DON'T! Everyone who has ever eaten this salad (or tasted either the mayonnaise, ponzu or miso dressing) get all wild-eyed with brain explosions from the amazing flavors this salad contains. And with a full mouth, they unapologetically state quite loudly, "This is incredible!"

Cabbage & Shrimp Salad with Miso Dressing

serves 2

230 g thinly sliced/shaved Napa cabbage

100 g chopped red bell pepper

40 g shredded carrots (or julienned)

75 g sliced sugar snaps

100 g cooked shrimp

2 T minced pickled ginger (sometimes called sushi ginger)

2-4 T crispy fried onions (in the asian aisle in the supermarket)

sprinkle of both white and black sesame seeds

Miso Mayonnaise

yields about 1 cup

100 g Japanese mayonnaise (whatever mayo you use, choose the thickest you can find and not a whipped version)

1/2 t wasabi paste

1 T toasted sesame oil

1/2 t soy sauce

20 g Shizo shinzu yellow miso paste

pepper NO salt

Ponzu Sauce

yields 200 ml

10 ml sake (optional)

70 ml soy sauce

40 ml mirin fu

10 ml rice wine vinegar

zest from 1/4 of a lime (ONLY the green!)

60 ml lime juice

1/4 t grapefruit zest

10-15 ml grapefruit juice (depends on how sour it is)

dash of pepper (NO salt needed)

1/2 t toasted sesame oil

1 T bonito flakes (Dried tuna flakes. It is optional, but very flavorful!)

Miso Dressing

serves 2 salads

75 g miso mayonnaise

50 ml ponzu sauce


First make the ponzu sauce so it has proper time to soak together. Basically mix everything and set it aside in a bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours or better, overnight. Before serving it, strain it first.

To make the miso mayonnaise, you will first need to mix the miso with the sesame oil, soy sauce & wasabi paste in a large bowl. You want to break up the wasabi and the miso paste so that you see no more lumps. Afterwards, I add small amounts of the Japanese mayo at a time to help it thin out as necessary. Whisk it into submission, don't be scared. Then add the rest of the mayonnaise & pepper.

When the 2 above sauces are completely done, make the miso dressing for the salad and set aside.

Now, it's quite important with this kind of salad to make sure the ingredients aren't too large or thick. Slicing/shaving the cabbage quite thin ensures that you aren't eating a mouthful of cabbage in each bite. This allows for every bite to have way more in it than just 1 or two ingredients. So, prep all of your raw salad ingredients, and mix them together in the bowl. Add the dressing to it and mix well. You will only want to mix it right before plating, because the saltiness of the dressing will extract all of the liquid from the raw veggies making it wetter and wetter as it sits uneaten. Plate the portions into their bowls. Add the shrimp, fried onions and sesame seeds to the top and eat it up!!!

N.B. (Tip) This mayonnaise recipe gets thinned out by all the liquid ingredients getting mixed in with the mayo and miso paste. You want a thick mayonnaise to help keep it rich, otherwise it become too thin and won't coat the salad as well.


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