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About Me

A native of Los Angeles, I once moved to Paris for the love of a city and 2 years later, I moved to The Netherlands for the love of a man. BUT, no matter where I have been or where I am going, it has always been about celebrating life with the people you love and eating delicious food along the way.


How Did I Get Here?

The simple answer, "a handsome man." The next best answer, "a tall, handsome Dutchman." The more complicated answer you can find in the blog titled, "The Explanation." It's quite a story that reads like an old novel. 


Sometimes I do wake up and ask myself, well

"How did I get here?"

But, I've always followed my heart and my tastebuds.

So I guess that's the best answer of all...


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I'm great at parties! 

Both throwing them


making the food!

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