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Watermelon & Beet Smoothie

This is such a cool way to eat some veggies without feeling like you are eating veggies. Well, I guess this only matters if you have an issue with vegetables, which I do not.....but I digress...

But really, if you have kids who do not want to eat veggies, this recipe is helpful. You can even add a bit more fruit to this smoothie to balance it out if they still taste those beet flavors. Strawberries or raspberries would also add a nice fruity bite. I just try to teach my kids that smoothies are not supposed to be full of 4-5 different kinds of fruit with milk and yogurt. It's too much sugar in way too big of a glass. So, my rule is at least 1 or (hopefully) 2 healthy veggies in there as well. The secret is to think of what goes well with other ingredients. Cucumber and strawberries or pineapple are great friends, but cucumber and some other fruits like, blueberries just don't play well together in my opinion. But to each their own.... Give it a try!

Watermelon & Beet Smoothie

serves 2

400 g watermelon

200 g pre-cooked & peeled beets

10-20 g fresh ginger (depends on if children are the customers or not, or if your customer hates ginger)

150 g coconut yogurt

1/2 lime zested & juiced

a few mint leaves to taste

Place everything in the blender and blend for a couple of minutes. Then make sure to push down everything on the sides that might have gotten stuck and purée some more, until creamy. I prefer smoothies that are served SUPER blended. Pour & enjoy!


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