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Unraveled Burritos No More

We are big fans of the one-handed meal in this house. It's a quick way to roll your nutrition into a tortilla wrap and eat while moving. Even though I believe that eating should be done at a table with people you love and quite frankly, running around and eating simultaneously seems counterintuitive, I am also a realist. And the realist mother in me says, "Screw it, eat and run." Especially if it's the only way you can get food in your mouth in your busy, insane, children-filled daily life. A great tip for food on the go:

Smear your sauce, sour cream, guacamole and/or hot sauce on the side of the burrito or wrap. In doing this, you effectively taste some of it with each bite but, it also works like a glue to keep the burrito/wrap itself from unrolling as you eat it.

Not one thing in this breakfast burrito with cheese, egg & leftover green spanish rice fell out. Not. One. Thing. #Winning


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