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Easter Deviled Egg

Just a little Easter fun before Sunday rolls around. This recipe is not complicated at all and it's a nice surprise to place on the table this year for Easter with the family.

Easter Deviled Eggs

makes 10 eggs

10 eggs

10 green asparagus tips (blanched)

1/2 t yellow curry powder (kerrie powder in Holland)

2 T chives

80 g mayonnaise

s & p

a couple of black olives

1-2 peels (with a potato peeler) of a carrot

Boil a pot of water the right size for 10 eggs. First, blanch the green asparagus tips for 2-3 minutes maximum. Remove them from the water with tongs and place into a bowl. Run cold water over the asparagus until they are cold. After that you can hard-boil the eggs in the same water for 8-10 minutes. I like 8 minute hard-boiled eggs because the whites are set and the yolks are just a little bit soft, but not runny. Once finished, run cold water over them for many minutes until the eggs themselves are cold. Sometimes I crack the shell a bit to help the cold water go through to the egg itself.

Peel the eggs carefully and throw away the shells. You want to cut off as little of the bottom of the hard-boiled egg as possible, but still make it flat, so it can stand up on its own. Then you will need to cut off about a centimeter (or a half an inch) from the top of the egg and place all of the cut-off bits into a small food processor or cuisinart. Using a very small spoon, scoop out just a bit of the insides of each egg to make a hole that can be filled with the mayonnaise you will be making. Once all of the eggs were "trimmed" and partially scooped out, I had a total of 200 g both egg white and egg yolk to mix in the food processor. Add to it the mayonnaise, curry (or kerrie) powder, plus s&p to taste. Mix in the cuisinart for a rather long time until very smooth. Cooked egg whites need more time to break down than egg yolks. Taste it before ready to serve. Then place into a bowl and softly mix in the chives. Until ready to use, place in the fridge to keep it a little firmer for filling the egg.

I serve this dish with a simple salad of crispy greens like, thinly-sliced hearts of romaine or iceberg lettuce tossed with a bit of olive oil, red wine vinegar, more blanched green asparagus (cut in smaller pieces and s&p. Super simple but very classic.

To plate this dish, you must first season the inside of the egg with s&p. Then you can scoop with a spoon or using a pastry piping bag, pipe the filling into the egg. If using a spoon to fill it, please use a very small coffee spoon. Using a potato peeler, peel a strip of carrot and then cut the carrot into triangles (10 pieces). Next, cut the black olives into small pieces for the eyes (20 pieces). Once the eggs are filled decorate with the carrots and olives. Then stick a green asparagus tip inside and serve. Voilá!


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