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Herbed-Yogurt & Hummus Sauce

This sauce is very versatile! You can change/add herbs if you desire (parsley would be a great addition to this). You can choose what type of yogurt to use (vegan or not) while also adding some other flavors from a coconut or almond yogurt. You can decide what kind of texture you would prefer. And you can even switch the cumin for something like chili powder, turmeric or garam masala to change it to go with a different kind of cuisine.

This recipe is very Mediterranean/Middle Eastern. It's also quite fresh, seemingly alive with flavors. If you are looking to jazz up a dish or make a quick dipping sauce for bread, raw veggies, pita, chips or crackers with an apéro, this is your new friend.

Herbed Yogurt & Hummus Sauce

yields about 1 cup

140 g hummus

100 g yogurt (any style, greek, soy, coconut..)

1/2 lime zested

2 t lime juice

1 T cilantro chopped

1 1/2 T mint chopped

3 T green onions (only the green , VERY thinly sliced)

1/4 t ground cumin


Literally, mix all the ingredients together. That's it, it's done! Easy right? It's also healthy and vegan if using a non milk-based yogurt. The texture of your sauce will depend on the thickness of both your hummus and yogurt. You can keep it thick for a dipping sauce, serve spread out under grilled vegetables, or mix into (or served atop) a bulgur salad as seen above..

You can also thin it out with a little liquid and make a dressing to go on lettuce. When I thin it out for salads, I usually add some more citrus (mainly lemon, but again, you can choose!) juice to it, in order to give it a zip, which salads need in order to be well balanced. But a combo of citrus & water is also a great choice.

In this photo on the left, I used a thicker version to mix into the couscous and then a thinned out version for the lettuce and grilled veggies underneath the Israeli couscous salad.

Spoon it atop grilled chicken, baked salmon or BBQ-ed skirt steak. You cannot go wrong! Play around and enjoy, and be creative and enjoy. Either way, enjoy!


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