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Take-Out is the New Black

We are all in this pandemic together, whether each of our circumstances are the same or not. We have no choice but to keep moving forward and as Jamie Oliver's pandemic program is titled, "keep cooking and carry on," I see some people are adopting the "keep ordering and carry on" technique instead. Let me just say, no judgement!

As a family, we do not eat out that much. I mean, if your wife/mom/stepmom is a professional chef, the best meal in town is chez-vous. But sometimes I would rather repeatedly walk into a wall than cook for the people who drain me dry of energy and happiness! So... yes, the occasional pizza or burger and fries has made it's way via delivery scooter to our door more than a couple of times for sure in the last year. But, mostly I still just tend to go into my "office" and cook meals for everyone because I do love to cook (even if I feel like a slave to the kitchen at times. Cue the delivery scooter now!). But I digress....

So, to summarize, if you do not love to cook or do not have the time, with your job or working from home and/or home-schooling at the same time, I do not judge you for all of your take-out. In fact, it often inspires me to make something similar after you post it on social media! Do what you have to do to get through this shit in one piece. It's a jungle out there.


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