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Raspberry & Beet Smoothie

I have recently become a frequent smoothie drinker. It truly is a quick way to eat quite healthy but with lots of flavor and of course we all know you can toss in all sorts of ingredients that you do not taste at all. Just an extra bonus to an already delicious concept.

Raspberry & Beet Smoothie

serves 2

85 g cooked & peeled red beets

75 g roughly chopped celery stalks

100 g frozen raspberries

30 g fresh spinach

150 ml coconut milk

100 ml coconut water

sprinkle of hemp seeds per cup


Just make sure the pieces are a bit roughly chopped or it will take a longer time to blend.

Tip: You can adjust the sweetness of this smoothie by changing the ratio of the raspberries to beets. I actually add another 50 g of beets for eat extra health and it makes it a little more savory.


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