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Freezer to the Rescue?

Let's just get this out there and get on with it!

Who knew what kind of power a bag of frozen french fries could contain?

Happiness for all! Just look at her face! It says it all right?

Of course I'm not saying to eat them every day or even every week, but throw them into the mix once in a while! Maybe even buy a fryer and get creative with it. You could add homemade chips, fish n chips and fish tacos to your new repertoire. This could seriously step up your entertaining game and help get your kids involved in cooking as well. I see many positives here (I say while smiling...)

What we do at home, is serve frozen fries with real simple and fresh dishes like a roasted chicken & steamed veggies, chopped salads, a quinoa salad with zesty lemon and grilled chicken (or leftover roasted chicken (hint, hint...) and of course the standard hot dogs and hamburgers every once in a while

Even if they come with a burger, I always have a salad and a steamed veggie like broccoli that all of my kids love anyway, so the unhealthy fry doesn't kill in the healthy department.

Just do it! Commit to saving your sanity and using the freezer to help get some meals on the table, otherwise we all suffer...angry moms beget angry moms. Just saying...


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