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Flammkuchen Gratinée

No matter what you call it, a Flammkuchen, Flammekueche, Flàmmeküeche, or tarte flambée, it's delicious! In all honesty, you can call it whatever you want, I'm always going to eat it.

These flat pizza-like creations are so delicious that one is simply not enough. And if that isn't reason enough to eat them, another bonus is, they are are beyond simple to make because they require no real prep work at all.

The most famous of these Alsatian delicacies consists of crème fraîche, onion and lardons. That's it! There are a few other lesser-known versions like "gratinée" (with grated cheese) or "forestière" (with mushrooms) which are also delicious, but I have created a new one to add to the list; sausage with fennel, red onion & a mix of gruyère and emmental cheese. Give it a try!

Flammkuchen Gratinée

makes 2

2 tortillas- 25-30 cm round (about 10 in.)

6 T crème fraîche

30 g red onion - julienned

30 g fennel - julienned

15 g grated Emmental cheese grated

15 g grated gruyère cheese grated

1 T chopped chives or sage

100 g fresh sausage (like a bratwurst, pushed out of the casing)

salt & pepper

First things first, on each tortilla, place half of the crème fraîche, onions, fennel, sausage, grated cheeses & finally salt & pepper. Cook them in a 190-200 degree C (375-390 F) oven for about 10 minutes direct on the rack. Do not cook them on a baking tray because the bottom will never crisp up correctly. Once the sides are golden brown, slide them gently out of the oven with a flat tray or salt cutting board if needed. Once they cool off for a minute, the bottoms will be less flexible. Then drop the chopped chives on top. Eat immediately while still hot!

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Sep 16, 2020

Yummy! Thanks for tip about cooking directly on rack to crisp...

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