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Egg in a "Heart" Hole

A quick way to please the one you love, hint, hint Mother's Day.... is to make someone this breakfast. And just in case someone is planning on serving this to me in bed, I'll have mine with champagne!

Egg in a "Heart" Hole

serves 1

1 piece of bread

1 T butter

1 piece of smoked salmon

1 t chives

1 egg


Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut the heart into the bread. Warm up a nice heavy-bottomed pan to medium heat. You have two ways to cook the bread with the butter. 1. Add to the pan 1/2 of the butter. Once it melts set the bread (and heart cut out) in the melted butter and cook until brown. Try to absorb all the butter or it won't turn as golden brown as desired. If your butter is room temperature than it works best to spread half the butter on one side then set in in the pan and spread the other half on the empty, top side. If melting the butter, remove the bread once brown and add the other half of the butter to the pan. Once it melts flip the bread and cook the other sides. If the butter is already spread on the top side of the bread, you can just flip it and crack in your egg into the hole. Either way, once flipped you should immediately crack an egg into the hole.

If it is a very large egg, some may spread out of the hole, but you can cut it off after it is cooked if necessary. Add some salt and pepper and cover with a lid. You want this to cook until the whites of the egg have set firmly. This can take more than a couple of minutes depending on how thick your bread is and what kind of bread it is as well. Some bread takes longer to turn brown in a pan or a toaster because of the higher water content used in the making the dough. So, if it's taking a long/too quick of a time to brown you may need to turn up or down the heat of the pan. I used the most basic white bread I could find to ensure a quicker and crispier final product. If the whites aren't setting enough, you can always flip it for a few seconds, but the yolk of the egg will be less visible.

While it is cooking, make your smoked salmon rose by rolling it around your finger until its tight. Chop your chives and get ready to plate once the white of the egg is set.

Once set, simply plate it and set the chives around the border of the heart cut out and the salmon rose on the side. Don't forget to add the cut out heart toast as well. Serve with a cold glass of bubbles to ensure a happy mama.

Happy Mother's Day


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