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Baked Brie Mummy

It's that time of year again where strange culinary concoctions are being made to satisfy the Halloween super fans. This one is so easy and has only 5 ingredients, 7 including salt & you have no excuse to not give it a try, unless you hate halloween, or food that looks like a face. If that's the case, god speed and good luck!

Halloween Baked Brie Mummy

250 g whole (round) piece of Brie cheese

135 g fresh puff pastry cut in 8-10, long strips, about 1 inch (2-2.5 cm) thick

2 black olives - pitted

1 large slice of pepperoni

1 egg - beaten

s & p

Turn on the oven to 200 C (400 F)

If your puff pastry was purchased frozen, it must be defrosted before you can properly roll it out without breaking it and making tiny holes in the dough. Let it defrost in the fridge over night or leave it out for as much time as it takes to no longer be frozen and easy enough to unroll the package. If you are using fresh puff pastry, this will not apply to you.

First you will need to prep a couple of small igredients, the pepperoni and the olive. For the pepperoni eyeball, I used a small pastry tip as a tiny round "cookie cutter." Pastry tips are used on the inside of a piping bag. If you have very small round cookie cutters, of course, use that. But any way you can make a small round out of the pepperoni (or buy mini pepperoni pieces if they have them in your country) do it. Lastly cut one or two black olives for the outside of the eyeball. I used the middle piece of the olives because they are wider in the middle for bigger eyes.

Set the brie on top of a piece of parchment paper on a baking tray. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Begin by setting the pepperoni in the place you would like the eyes to be. Then place the olive pieces on top of the pepperoni.

Now you can get your fresh puff pastry out of the fridge. Unroll it gently and cut 8-10 long strips, about 1 inch (2-2.5 cm) thick. Each packaged puff pastry is different in its form, but the best one for this is fresh as its easiest to use quickly without having to thaw it out. You want long enough strips to wrap around the whole cheese (from top to bottom) without being so long that they have to go around the cheese one and a half times. You start by laying a strip over the top and rolling it under to the bottom to seal it, which helps it not leak while baking. You also want to try and cover as much of the bottom and sides of the cheese as possible. If open pieces of cheese are exposed on the sides or the bottom it will most likely break open during cooking and all of the gooey goodness will spread out onto the baking tray before it has had enough time to brown.

After you have wrapped it enough, then beat one egg and brush the egg over the top and sides of the pastry. Finish with a sprinkle of some flakey salt like Maldon. If you wanted to make it more scary, you could add some cranberry jam underneath the puff pastry "bandages" to make it look like blood. Happy Halloween!


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