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Vegetable Fried Rice

Updated: May 8, 2020

Vegetable Fried Rice80

A healthier option for fried rice, that doesn't feel healthier at all
This rice is filled with vegetables that are quickly chopped up in a food processor, making it super healthy, but since the veggies are so small you really only feel like you are eating rice. It's BRILLIANT!

50 g celery-thinly sliced

100 g onion-thinly sliced

60 g julienned carrots

400 g cauliflower "rice"

20 grams ginger-minced

7 g garlic-pressed

3 eggs- beaten, to scramble at the end

1/2 c frozen peas defrosted

1/4 c soy sauce

4 T sesame oil

1 c dry basmati rice-cooked! It becomes 490 g rice once cooked (cook earlier and place in the fridge. You CANNOT make fried rice with warm rice!)

8 T sunflower oil

1. Cook the rice according to the package. It's important to rinse all rices before cooking them and be careful not to overcook them or put too much water in. Otherwise they can get sticky-BUT not in a good way! Then place in a bowl and set in the fridge to cool completely before placing back in a hot pan.

2. Slice the celery, onion and carrots ( I often buy the carrots julienned to make my life easier. But you can also use a kitchen machine, or a cheese grater to "julienne" as well. NO big deal! Keep it simple, breathe and have a glass of wine.....moving on....)

3. Break the cauliflower into "florets". Cut some of the larger ones in half.

4. Using a food processor half full with cauliflower at a time (until all is processed), "pulse" (pushing the "pulse" button for a few seconds each time) until it begins to look like the size of a grain of rice. I sometimes keep them a bit bigger for texture and to NOT overcook the ingredient in the end.

5. Using 3 T sunflower oil, start sautéing the celery, onions, carrots and cauliflower. Stir regularly while cooking on a med-high heat. After about 5 minutes or when the veggies look about half way cooked) turn the heat lower and add the garlic, ginger and the rest of the veggie oil. Mix well! The idea here is to flavor the oil with the ginger & garlic before tossing in the rice so everything tastes yummier!

6. Add the peas, then make a hole in the middle of the rice and scramble your eggs. Mix it in well with there rest of the veggies.

7. NOW, add in your cold rice. Mix well.

8. Add sesame oil and soy sauce.

9. Serve with hot sauce for those who like the heat.

10 Voilá!

QUICK TIP: When I cook meat/fish with this dish, I usually use the leftover fat from the protein in the pan to make a more delicious sauce for the rice. I start with the fat and the oil together....


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