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Tuna Salad with Dill & Pickles

I'm presently doing a mini-cleanse of no sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. And I had some tuna salad in house that while sitting atop a mound of oak lettuce tossed with red wine vinegar & olive oil made for quite a yummy meal while cleansing. It's also a very simple recipe that can all be made in 10 minutes. I have many types of tuna salad recipes, but this is the quick one that requires no chopping of ingredients.

Tuna Salad with Dill & Pickles

4 - 160 g cans of tuna - drained

80 g dill pickles (or sour gherkins)

1 1/2 T dried dill

150 g mayonnaise

zest & jus of half of a lemon



*if you use cans of tuna in water, your tuna could need more mayonnaise.

*you must use the sour pickles otherwise you add sweetness to your tuna salad.

*for a helthier punch, you can substitute some of the mayonnaise for mashed avocado.

Place your whole pickles in a food processor. If they are large, break them up a bit before dropping them inside. Pulse the machine until they become small pieces that resemble a dice. Place in a large mixing bowl.

Next, place all of the tuna in the machine and repeat the pulsing method until the tuna is a bit more broken apart. I like to pulse it in the machine especially if it's going into sandwiches because it stays together better and is less likely to fall out of your sandwich. You do not have to do this if you do not want to or if you do not have a machine. No biggie. Remove and set in the large mixing bowl.

Add the dill, zest, juice, mayonnaise, S&P int to he mixing bowl and mix together with a spoon until it all comes together. Toss some torn red & green oak lettuce with olive oil, red wine vinegar, s&p and serve a sizable scoop of the salad on top. Sprinkle some chopped green onions from high up and eat!


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