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Tuna Melt Filling

A good tuna melt is very close to the endorphin-filled euphorias brought on by the feeling of love. I have actually had a mad love affair with tuna melts since my high school Sunset Boulevard party days (or should I say, nights) that always ended in a comfy booth at Mel's Diner eating the most delicious diner style tuna melt & cold potato salad ever!

This is my healthier (loaded with raw veggies) tuna melt filling that get's me right back into the post club-dancing, hungry state of love.

Tuna Melt Filling

makes filling for 8 sandwiches

5 cans of tuna in sunflower oil

210 g finely chopped celery

140 g finely chopped onions

180 g mayonnaise

10 g french style mustard


I try not to make the filling to wet from the mayo or the oil, because the cheese acts as a fatty lubricant on its own, while adding way more flavor!

Make sure to eliminate as much of the oil from the tuna tins as possible.

Mix all of the ingredients together.

Using good quality sourdough is essential for me in a proper tuna melt just as much as using butter to create the crunchy outside crust is sacrosanct! Any good melting cheese that won't overpower the tuna like a cheddar or a gouda (which is what I use-aged 48 months) will do. And my last, but also very important tip is, if the tuna filling is a little bit warmed up in a pan (instead of refrigerator cold), I find it helps melt the cheese and create a golden brown crust without both waiting too long (I have NO patience, let alone for a proper tuna melt!) or burning the crust while having the filing still cold from my impatience.

Use this recipe and my tips and give this tuna melt recipe a try a try!


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