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To Breakfast or Not To Breakfast?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This is my question.....

A good friend of mine recently commented on my almost daily instagram breakfast posts that caught my attention. When she wrote in response to a photo, "I love how you always eat breakfast!" I wondered what that meant. Do people really not eat breakfast and, on purpose?

After asking her to explain further, and getting a couple of nice comments about my healthy lifestyle in comparison to my yummy food creations, she also added to it, "Most people skip breakfast to be skinny or happier. But, you make breakfast and love it as part of a healthy approach to your diet." Interesting food for thought, or lack there of, if, of course, you are in fact, skipping breakfast!

Quickly the wheels in my brain began turning while thinking about skipping breakfast and upon further thought, I began to realize that I myself, tend to eat breakfast at much closer to brunch time (sadly without the champagne) even though I wake up earlier. But regardless, I have never been a person who wakes up and says, "OH, I'm hungry!!!" and walks straight into the kitchen. I do however, start my day, everyday with 1 or 2 large cups of earl grey tea right after I wake up. And three times a week I maintain a post-tea, pre-brunch 30-minute workout. So breakfast is consumed a little bit later than most people for sure. But I was still left with a feeling of "Did I miss something? Why did my friend make it sound like lots of people are not eating breakfast on purpose?"

After a quick google search titled "crazy people who skip breakfast" uh, whoops, I mean "people who skip breakfast".... I discovered a whole diet based on fasting that has become quite popular while I have been running a 5-star pet & human hotel at home! My dog eats brown rice and chicken everyday and my family of 6 eat like royalty.

After my friend's comment though, I began to really pay attention to the time with which breakfast went in a pan, or a bowl and then in my mouth, because I was beginning to wonder if I myself had been sort of "fasting" without knowing for a quite some time...

I have kids, my life isn't really my own and insanity is a common word I use to describe my daily rituals... but even if you took them out of the mix, I believe that breakfast would continue to happen regularly, anywhere between 10:30-1:00 every day. It does differ based on the insanity of the life I lead today, the amount of laundry a family of 6 creates, the size of our house (which requires constant cleaning) or the shuffling around I tend to do between all of it before realizing it's past the normal breakfast time. But now, I am beginning to wonder, if even though I obviously laughed at those "breakfast skipping fools" that maybe, just maybe I am actually kind of one of them after all......

What do you guys think....?


Campbell Whitman
Campbell Whitman
Aug 03, 2020

I agree!!!!


Aug 03, 2020

Breakfast/brunch every day!!!

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