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The Green Chutney

Updated: May 5, 2020

While at a food truck festival in Haarlem, called "Proof Park", I ordered a chicken tandoori wrap from an Indian food "place" that was making fresh naan inside of heated metal drums. After paying, I saw 2 bowls of sauce with spoons implying "self-service was necessary." The red one was obviously a spicy sauce, as it without shyness showed heat through all the chili seeds staring right back at me. But the green sauce i couldn't be sure about. It was obviously made with herbs but which ones I could only assume to guess from the small knowledge of Indian food that I have. I quickly asked what it was. They said a cilantro sauce. Naturally, I poured as much of both I could without looking greedy. The green sauce was a real standout to me as I had never tasted anything quite like it before. I was so inspired that I came home and mentally decided to make chicken tandoori myself in the week that would follow.

It's very simple because it's just a few ingredients into a blender or using a hand staff mixer et voilá! You can make it more or less spicy by changing the amounts of both green chilis as well as ginger. Its surprisingly spicy from the ginger as well. and if serving it to kids you can just cut the chili out and lower your amount of ginger.





lime zest

lime juice

green chili pepper such as...

greek yogurt (or a thickened yogurt by straining out the liquid with a cheesecloth)



cumin powder

Put all of the ingredients except the yogurt into a blender or in a receptacle with high sides that surround the staff mixer and blend until smooth.

After, add the yogurt and mix with a spatula so you do not break up the yogurt and


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