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Hummus Inspiration

So many people love and adore hummus. It has it all. Health benefits, yummy properties, multiple textures, a dip for any ingredient whether a chip, cracker, pita or veggie and you can flavor it anyway you like. That all sounds magical doesn't it? If only other things in life were so versatile.....husbands, bosses, children just to dream of a few....

My newest love for hummus has been in actually making it myself, but that's not for everyone and it's not always necessary because it's so readily available in all stores. If I do not make it myself, I often like to jazz it up with some quick homemade tricks that will wow your guests and make you pat your own back.

A jar of roasted bell pepper mixed with a couple handfuls of toasted walnuts and half of a fresh chili pepper of choice can become proper love once blended in a cuisinart. Top your hummus with it, add olive oil, chopped herbs and some nuts for texture et voilá a breathtaking dip.

You could also use sun-dried tomatoes, with basil or oregano and pine nuts. hand-chopped preserved lemons with parsley, mint and sliced radishes. the options are really endless! And because you mix them apart, either in a cuisinart or chop by hand, you can add how much you want on top of the hummus yourself controlling the flavors all the way. One tip is ALWAYS drizzle a liberal amount of good quality olive to the top of it, not matter what you put on top, especially if it's just plain hummus.


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