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Cheat on Your Cheesemonger

The definition of "cheating" is and I quote, to "act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage." I am willing to go a step father and say that cheating, exposes greediness which is highly frowned upon by the heavens. The desire for too much of anything is seen as a sin to some who may, or may not practice what they preach here on earth. But, my quandary here, and reason for this post, is I ask, "Is it still dishonest if the advantage I am trying to gain happens to be obtaining a plethora of cheese?"

A little while ago, while chatting over a cheese plate with my neighbors, I was so pleased after stumbling upon a new cheese shop near my house, where I found a new and exciting cheese for everyone to try. Said cheese was so delicious and unexpected that it lead me to express loudly (in surprise of myself) "Maybe we should all cheat on our cheese guy!" To which my neighbor said while laughing, "Sounds like a good blog post." After which I agreed, while exploding with laughter and inspiration!

I used to say, that the only person you can cheat on is your hairdresser, because they will always take you back to fix the mistake and gladly take your cash too. Your lover, though maybe low on cash these days, might not be so forgiving of the same "mistake".

Now, I do not condone cheating on your lover at all, although I did kiss a man once who was in a relationship. And, even though I ran away after the fact, he found me and eventually asked me to marry him years later. So really, who am I to judge your potential dishonest desire for dairy?


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