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BBQ-ed Asparagus Salad with Burrata

My new, super helpful food trick is while BBQ-ing, I think towards the future meals I will be enjoying and how the BBQ I am using at the moment, can help influence the flavors of the meals to come. I have begun buying more produce or meat and grilling it, but, saving it for the next few night's meals. We had a hot dog BBQ night where I added some marinated, grilled chicken & green asparagus to the BBQ, but we didn't eat them right away. They got stored in the fridge and used the next two days after that. This BBQ-ed asparagus dish was one of them and it was incredible!

BBQ-ed Asparagus Salad with Burrata

1 bunch (350 g) green asparagus (dressed with 2 T olive oil, salt & pepper)

150 g burrata cheese

1 T lemon juice

1/2 lemon zested

80-90 g cherry tomatoes quartered (about 8-12 depending on size)

5 sprigs of fresh basil - torn and dropped over the top

2 T olive oil

1-2 T aged balsamic vinegar drizzled over the top

3-4 T toasted shaved almonds


If your almonds are not toasted, slowly toast them in thick-bottomed pan on a low heat, turning regularly until golden brown. This can sometimes take up to 10-15 minutes. Then remove to a plate to cool until use.

Toss your asparagus in the oil, salt & pepper and place it on the grill for a few minutes, rotating it to not burn too much. You want them to bend a little when you pick them up, but not too much. I cooked mine on the cooler side of the BBQ and then placed it over the hot side to give it a good char before removing it off the fire completely. This gives it great flavor! If you intend to serve it right away, once off the fire, add the lemon juice & zest. Toss around a bit, then leave it to cool. If you are not serving it right away, when you do, please warm it back up in a pan and then set on a plate to cool, adding the lemon zest & juice.

Slice the tomatoes, break off the basil leaves and rip them in pieces if they are large leaves. Now you are ready to plate.

Set the burrata on top of the asparagus. Lay the tomatoes around the burrata. Then sprinkle basil leaves & almonds over the top. Sat and pepper liberally and drizzle the olive oil and aged balsamic over the top as well. Then eat! It's incredible!


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