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A healthier "relationship" with garlic

"Garlic has antibiotic properties that can help improve your health" BUT you have to SMASH it first!

Garlic is a truly special ingredient. By simply choosing to put it in your food, you have already made a healthy choice! Lucky for us garlic lovers...

Garlic has antibiotic-like properties that can influence your immune system, therefore, also your health. ...If of course used properly. And, unfortunately most people do not use it properly. Really!

What "properly" means here, is just plain-old sliced, smashed, or diced and left alone for a little bit! Anyway you can introduced the garlic into itself, the better. (pressed seems to deliver the most health benefits).

Now not to bore all of you too much with the scientific details...I'll get to the point. Raw garlic contains the ingredients needed to make allicin, but allicin is only created once two separate substances in garlic are forced into each others faces like being unknowingly set-up on an blind date that ends in true love. If they never meet (and smash, wink, wink), the perfect combination is never made, and happily ever after is missed FOREVER! Well, only for the health benefits of the garlic, but you get the idea, right? Furthermore, If that new "relationship" gets put on the fire and feels the heat right away, chances are it won't succeed. It needs time for the two substances to get to know one another before its relationship can feel that kind of heat.

So, translation here, DO NOT COOK YOUR GARLIC FOR 10 MINUTES AFTER SMASHING. And if you find a nice substance in a potential partner, give it space...


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