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French Chicken Salad

I am a huge lover of, chicken, creamy sauces, tarragon, crunchy celery and vinegar. For me, just one of these ingredients in any recipe adds excitement to a dish. It just so happens that this dish magically contains all of these ingredients in a mouth watering explosion of my-kind-of-happiness. It's tangy, meaty, herby, crunch & creamy. And, it can be eaten in many different ways. Dive in!

French Chicken Salad (serves 6-8)

450 shredded roasted chicken (1 whole chicken)

170 g chopped celery

60 g chopped shallots

8 ml lemon juice (about 1/2)

2 t dried tarragon

2 t tarragon white wine vinegar

60 g greek yogurt (THICK 10% fat)

80 g mayonnaise

10 g chopped chives

salt & pepper

The making of this dish is as simple as it gets. Simply throw all of the ingredients into a big mixing bowl and mix until well incorporated. You can serve it in between 2 delicate pieces of soft white bread as a sandwich, on golden toast with mayonnaise, crunchy crackers or go straight from spoon to mouth for all I care!

In the photo above, I served it on top of a mix of thinly sliced lettuce & red cabbage, drizzled olive oil and tarragon vinegar over it generously and set the salad on top. The I cut some steamed french green beans and sprinkled over the top for extra health & color.

However you eat it, enjoy it!


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